Wednesday, September 05, 2012

s i c k f u t u r e

s i c k f u t u r e

Sterilize yourself. Pack plenty of antibiotics. Strap in, & prepare for warp speed...It's going to be a Sick Future.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Reel 2012

On Sunday I wrapped up a new motion graphics and animation reel. This is how I make my living, and I have a blast doing it. Can't ask for much more than that!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Logo Illustration for Oculus Infernus

I recently illustrated a logo for Professor D. Grover the XIIIth's new blog Oculus Infernus. From here on out, I think I should make it a point to only agree to design logos that are supposed to reek of evil. That's fair, right?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Nothing gets me more excited than discovering killer music. Today while cruising around on Spotify I randomly ran across what is easily the most exciting and original slab of electronic sonic destruction I have heard in a long time. It's an album called Super Death Explosion Kittens by a guy named Duncan Hemingway, writing under the moniker of Achenar.

Right at 20 minutes in length, Super Death Explosion Kittens doesn't exactly have time to beat around any bushes. It sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out before you can even say the words "HOLY SHIT." I simply cannot recommend this enough.

If you like it, throw the dude some cash on BandCamp or buy a CD. This is one man making the music he wants to make out of pure passion and nothing else. If you can't support that, then get off my lawn.

Fuck. Yes.

Stream it right here and now:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Metal

In my usual state of simply wanting to avoid humanity last night, I started to play a little game. I went over to one of my all time favorite websites, Metal Archives, and clicked the "Random Band" link. I then looked up and listened to whatever band was presented to me on YouTube. Rock out, rinse, repeat. If you're ever bored or just wanting a fun way to discover some new tunes I recommend this game to you. It's kind of like metal solitaire!

Here are some select tracks from ten bands I found.

Summu Nura - Beckoning at the Altar of Iniquity
Some pretty sick black metal, and one of only 2 bands in this list from the United States, (Michigan to be exact). Too bad these guys are split up, because this shit is good!

Demonized Legion - Intro + When Heaven Falls in Darkness
Demonized Legion has apparently been out and about wreaking havoc in Brazil since 2003. They play murky, evil blackened death along the lines of Incantation!

Snail - Galaxies' Lament
The second band from the U.S. (Washington this time around) is a bass-heavy, sludgy band called Snail. They've been keeping it real since 1992! Reminds me of old Clutch.

Noisehunter - Stormbringer
Traditional heavy metal from Germany along the lines of Judas Priest. Hell, even that album cover is Priest-like!

Aion - Launch Game
This performance really caught my attention! Aion is apparently a pretty hot band in Japan judging by the footage. And they've been going at it since 1983! By far the strangest find of the night. Imagine if Mötley Crüe and Slayer had Japanese babies...

Surgical Dissection - Frame of Mind
I had actually heard these guys before so it was cool to see them pop up. Filthy brutal death metal from Slovakia. Heavy, brutal style death metal with lots of blasts and disgusting vocals. Check it out!

Лектор - Сталинград
War themed thrash from Ukraine! I'm really digging this because it sounds like they are genuinely pissed off. The weird synthesizers kind of throw me off, but overall I really like this, especially the spoken-word type vocals.

Northern Frost - Unsere Stärke ist unser Sieg
Solid traditional style black metal hailing from Germany. Enjoying this immensely! This is the type of black metal that takes my mind to another place.

Frozen Darkness - Trascendental Philosophy of Death
What we have here is some heavy blackened death metal from Colombia. The production is awful, the bass and drums melt together into what is basically ambient noise. But of course that is what's cool about it!

Demonized - Legions of Horns
Demonized from Mexico are one of my favorite finds of the night. They play blistering blackened death sort of like Angelcorpse! This is one of my preferred styles of metal, and they do it masterfully. They've been around since 2000 but doesn't look like they've done much since 2003. They're still listed as "active" though so here's to hoping we'll get to hear more madness from these guys!


And that's a wrap. I had a blast with this, so chances are you'll see more Random Metal posts from me in the future! Anyone else done this, or going to do this? If so I'd love to hear your finds!

Rock on,


Saturday, May 05, 2012


After roughly two years, I have finally released my new album Inter-.  During the course of its writing and production I went from freelancing (aka starving to death) in Plainville Kansas, to starting a career in motion graphics and moving to Wichita, Kansas, and then switching jobs and moving again to Kansas City, Missouri. I also parted ways with a significant other, battled severe depression and started taking serious steps to improve my physical/mental health and lifestyle. A lot can happen in two years!

The album is available for your own price (even free if you choose!) over at BandCamp and I hope you like it, but if not that's perfectly fine by me :)